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Melbourne based professional photographer and retoucher. Focusing on high end glamour, boudoir / lingerie, beach photography and editing workshops

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Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia; Shaun Powell is a Software Engineer by trade with a passion for photography, retouching and teaching. Over the last few years he has taken his keen eye for detail and amazing ability to create beautiful images that not only represent his clients but also shows them in a way that still represents who they are, showing their natural beauty. Shaun Powell has begun creating a name for himself in the photography world not just with his high quality images but also through his teaching of editing. Shaun Powell Photography and Retouching is very excited about its new studio space in Johnson Street, Collingwood.

He is very excited to be adding retouching workshops and video tutorials to his 2016 calendar, so he can bring his love and passion for the art to up and coming photographers.

"Success is in the details"

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Beauty & Modelling Portfolio

Beauty and modelling portfolio images can also be known as beauty headshots. What this means is that the images are retouched to magazine quality and look more like images for make-up companies rather than your everyday photos. This doesn’t mean that the images are just for models, portfolios or individuals wanting to submit their work, it is just a different type of photographic style.

Boudoir & Lingerie

Unclear what boudoir or lingerie photography is? Boudoir is a French term for a women’s bedroom or private space. It’s a form of photography which is often done in such a setting but can also take place in a studio or hotel setting. It focuses on photographing a female whether they are elegant and classy images or more sensual is purely up to you.

Boudoir and Lingerie photography is all about you! It is for all women, its focus in on show casing you as a woman, as a sensual being. Whether the photos are for you or someone special; this type of session focuses on photographing just you. At the end of this session you will feel confident and thrilled with the images that you have to take home.

Don’t be fooled by lingerie models in magazines, all women deserve images that showcase them in all their glory, even if the images are just for you and no one else.

Beach & Swimwear

During the warmer Melbourne months, Shaun Powell Photography and Retouching offers beach photography*. Done at some of Melbourne less popular yet still beautiful beaches, beach photography gives individuals the chance to showcase their swimwear or clothing with beautiful backdrops. Beach photography often takes place early morning or late evening during the golden hours giving the individuals skin an amazing glow.

Melbourne weather makes too hard to do certain types of beach images over the cooler months. Nobody wants beautiful images and hypothermia at the same time. Swimwear photography* can be done all year round with the use of pools, however, once again giving a different type of image background.

*Location shooting varies depending on the type of shoot.

Hair & Make-Up Artist

Shaun Powell Photography and Retouching work with different Hair and Make Up Artists (HMUA) and can provide you will options that will best suit your needs, however, this does not mean you cannot use your own HMUA if that is your personal preference. HMUA’s are quoted separately and not included in the session booking unless stated.

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